Kemet Original Painting

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“Y’all know what a cypher is? It’s all kinds of ciphers. But a cypher can be represented by a circle, which consists of how many degrees? 360 degrees. And my cipher keeps moving like a rolling stone. So in my song when I say that, my cipher represents myself, or the atoms in my body, and the rolling stone represents the Earth. The atoms in the body rotate at the same rate on the same axis that the Earth rotates, giving us a direct connection with the place we call Earth; therefore, we can call ourselves Earth. Okay? On my hand I wear an ankh. This is an ankh. An ankh is an ancient Kemetic symbol. The word Kemet is the original name for Egypt.”


Made on 4" x 6" custom colored paper.

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  • Product Information

    Marker, oil pastel, colored pencil, charcoal pencil, and goache on paper.



    • One-of-a-kind colored paper

Los Angeles, CA  I  USA

© 2018 by Kahdija Murray

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