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Fill out the form below to apply for a potential commission.
A successful submission does not guarantee a collaboration
will be granted. Projects with expedited deadlines may be subject to additional fees. Submitting a proposal indicates agreement with DIJA OUIJA's terms.

View terms and conditions for commissions and sales here.

Preffered method of communication:

Explain the desired outcome of your proposed commission. Be as detailed as possible. If looking for a digital or physical flyer, include the preferred dimensions in specific units (i.e, inches or pixels). If commissioning an illustration, mention colors you'd like to be incorporated. If you want a website created, specify what hosting platform you are using, and whether or not you have a domain purchased. The more information you include, the faster your application can be processed and the less deliberations will be necessary if your request is accepted.

(For example: "I'm looking for a bright, upbeat fan art illustration of a character named _ from a show called _. I'd like to show her multiple arms and the jewel that sits on her forehead clearly. The picture can end around the knees, and you can be creative with her outfit and her hair. You can customize the background to your liking as well. Please make it large enough to print so I can hang it on my wall. I'd also like to include flowers, pictures of which I'll include below. My favorite colors are pink, teal, magenta, and iridescent silver." )

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